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How to join the Vortex

Our industry is not for everyone. It is not for those who want to sit back, clip coupons and make money. It is not for those who get up late and go to bed early. Managing quality vacation rentals is a service business. It requires constant attention, an eye for details and a way with people.

It also requires entrepreneurs anxious to build their own business, one without limits and one that pays back smart work with good money. Do you have what it takes?

  • Are you looking for a full time professional occupation?
  • One that allows you to be your own boss?
  • But that operates with partners who support your work?
  • Can you commit 60 hours a week the first year?
  • Can you attend a number of one week training sessions?
  • Will you take continuing education courses every month?
  • Do you have sufficient capital to pay for training and certification?
  • Can you support yourself during the first year startup?

Value of the Vortex Network

Lodging management is not for beginners, but many participants start from scratch. All it takes is a telephone to make a small living. But most self-taught manager do not prosper because they can't afford to hire a team of experts. Without training and experience they fail to offer a fully comprehensive professional service they can be proud of.

The Vortex Network provides would-be managers everything needed to success. Training, assistance, services and - best of all - a team of specialists and partners to help you get started immediately on the road to profitability. Here are the things we offer:

  • We provide training through a not-for-profit trade group.
  • Continuing education is required to embrace best practices.
  • Our experts teach you everything you need to know.
  • They act as mentors with your questions and problems.
  • Rigorous policies and procedures offer clear guidelines.
  • We have tested contracts and forms for owners & guests.
  • Attractive sales materials explain our benefits to owners
  • Our staff create your world class websites almost instantly.
  • Websites are complete with all features and online booking.
  • We handle phone, email and online rental inquiries & bookings.
  • The reservations department is open long hours.
  • We handle the incessant demands of accounting and auditing.
  • A dedicated business manager handles administration.
  • The legal assistance department gives you solid backup.
  • Best of all, partners in other markets are there to help.

Why Joining the Vortex is best

Most who join the vacation rental industry are new to it. Affiliating with a network is also a new idea to many. We provide the following downloads so you can read about how it works and why it is better.

Vacation Rental Management is not for everyone. But it can be fun and profitable. If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you have been looking for, and its time to build your own business, please call William May today at 866-925-5188 extension 902 Or click to Inquiry On Line.